perfectweddingday0001What is your idea of a perfect wedding day ?

A question we have asked many times at previous national wedding shows to visitors of our stand. Describing their perfect wedding day the answers are varied, but a very high percentage include the following: beautiful venue, sunshine, fine food and drink, friends and family having a great time, good music, plenty of emotion, and love in abundance. Basically people are describing pretty much what we all see in real life weddings in magazines and on blogs. As photographers we capture all of those details at every wedding. Every wedding has plenty of  special touches. Every wedding strives to be different to all the other weddings family and friends have been to. That quest for difference is a time consuming business. Wedding media floods our PC screens, newstands and even dedicated TV channels. We feast our eyes on the flamboyant photography. The fashion, the food, the flowers. The majestic venue in the perfect location. The stylish and lavish opulence of the celebrations is the staple diet for bride and grooms to be. They all want the perfect wedding day.

Perfect Wedding Day Pictures : The Details

Lets go back to the beginning of this blog post. I would like to reassure all visitors to our stand at this years national wedding show that every wedding we have photographed is a perfect one. We will shoot the dress in the most fantastic way we can, we’ll shoot beautiful flattering pictures, we’ll shoot all those special touches like we do when commissioned to shoot for a magazine.


Don’t forget the Love and Emotion

There are also other things we shoot………Tears, tender touches, kisses and hugs. Children, who by the time you look at your photographs on your first wedding anniversary, will have already grown again. Family and friends in small groups sipping champagne, swapping news, laughing at good times past. There will be new relationships as well as mature ones. Grandparents reminiscing about their day, aunties and uncles celebrating a special anniversary. Precious moments, precious photographs of people you love.

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You will have heard many people say, once the flowers have wilted, the cake has been eaten and the honeymoon suntan has long faded there will only be photos… You will have those images forever, they will be family heirlooms. You will show them to your own children, their children too. On your anniversary you will look at them and see how much your love for each other has matured into something much deeper. There will be times too, when the pictures bring you comfort.


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Party Party Party

So our advice is plan your perfect wedding, create all those special touches. Have fun and fill that guest list with friends and family. Celebrate your wedding with gusto like it’s a new Hugh Grant rom com. Share it all with the love of your life. The love who will be cuddling you 30 years from now on a wet winters afternoon by the fire as you enjoy those pictures we took on your perfect wedding day. Bin the stress and enjoy your dress. We’ll capture your perfect wedding day. Get in touch.