Fashion Photographer


Fashion Photography? Me? Surely you can’t be serious?


Of course we are. As a professional photography studio we put our creativity, skills and expertise into every project we are commissioned to shoot. Whether you are a clothing business, a dress designer, a model or just want a collection of images in a style, we can deliver a great look for your ideas.

Fashion Fusion or Confusion ?


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Sometimes there can be confusion between commercial photography, fashion photography, and editorial photography. All three are put under an umbrella of Advertising Photography. Basically if you are selling something, it will always sell better with a picture. 

Selling a product ? Commercial photography is required.

Selling a story? opt for Editorial photography.

Selling a lifestyle? then go with Fashion photography. 

Sounds clear cut doesn’t it ? It is, but a lot of the time they all blend to achieve the same means.


Explanation for your creation.


A dress designer wants to sell dresses. They decide to have a model in the studio wearing the dress, stood in front of a plain background. We are selling the product. Its fashion but commercially photographed.

Same model, more emphasis on hair and make up, less emphasis on the dress. Probably shot on location, probably shot with more dramatic lighting. Its fashion and photographed with a fashion photography style. Add a story to convey a message and we are shoot ing editorially.

Our famous international brand Cherish the Dress™ and our exciting fashion led wedding images have lead us to be commissioned to shoot many fashion led projects by leading bridal designers and businesses. Lifestyle magazines regularly feature our work and Models commission us to update or create new portfolios.

Contact us to discuss your project ideas. Majestic or modest we shoot images that help you sell.

Model Portfolios


headshots photographer cheshire. Suzee X

International DJ Suzee X hair by Sarah Finnerty


Give your book a relevant and up to date look. Chris Hanley’s images and post production are widely acclaimed within the industry. His model portfolio shoots are fun, creative and deliver the results you need to give you a magazine grade look. Professional, discreet, and approachable. Together with his wife Claire, your shoot will be a great experience.

We’ll give you every attention to detail, creating the look you want. Bring in your own stylist or let us introduce you to one of our team. About a week after the shoot you will receive your fully edited high res images on usb for printing. You also receive web size versions, perfectly optimised for upload to social networks, emails and websites.

fashion photographer manchester
fashion photographer manchester
fashion photographer manchester
fashion photographer manchester
fashion photographer manchester