chatsworth house wedding photographer

The second part of Claire and Atif’s wedding day. The fantastically opulent and historical Chatsworth House

Chatsworth and Great John Street are the fabulous venues for this intimate bespoke wedding of Atif and Claire. A day which started at the Casa hotel in Chesterfield. A cool hotel for the preparations of the two remarkably calm and laid  bride and groom. The ceremony took place at All Saints church in the picturesque Derbyshire village of Youlgrave. The evening celebrations concluded with a fine dining experience at Manchester’s finest boutique hotel Great John Street. Contributing to the day our good friends Timeless Bride and Green Earth Flowers. Always rewarding working with great professionals. It was a pleasure to meet make up artist Claire Salter, Jennifer Stephens from Chatsworth and Franceso at GJS. Giorgio Armani, Jimmy Choo, Flo and Percy were there too. As usual I have selected a number of images for the blog post to give a flavour of the day. Of course you may visit the online gallery to see all of our Chatsworth and Great John Street pictures by clicking on the link at the end of the blog post.

wedding photographer casa hotel chesterfield

Cool and relaxed groom portrait of Atif at the Casa Hotel in Chesterfield

jimmy choo handbags

Claires Jimmy Choo clutch bag was the perfect accessory to go with the Jimmy Choo shoes!

mehndi henna tattoo

Claire had beautiful artistic and intricate mehndi henna tattoo on her feet and hands

timeless bride poynton cheshire

Claire looks gorgeous in her Timeless Bride wedding gown

All saints church youlgrave

Celtic people had a saying that heaven and earth are “only three feet apart’ – and that there are ‘thin places’ where that distance is even smaller”¦ For well over a thousand years, Youlgrave seems to have been just such a place.

wedding photographer derbyshire

A quiet moment of reflection for Atif in the beautiful and peaceful All Saints church Youlgrave

weddings at all saints youlgrave

No photography during the ceremony said the vicar, you can see more no photography by visiting Claire and Atif’s online gallery at the bottom of this blog post.

green earth flowers bridal bouquet

Always gorgeous floristry from Green earth flowers in Poynton Cheshire. The second bouquet was left on Claire’s mothers grave in a private moment in the church grounds

chatsworth house champagne

Mehndi and champagne at Chatsworth

chatsworth house wedding photographer

Birdcages and wedding roses from Green Earth Flowers

wedding photographer chatsworth

Chatsworth house rose gardens. We had exclusive access for photography 🙂

wedding pictures of chatsworth rose garden

wedding rose bouquet in a rose garden on your wedding day. A Chris Hanley Photography signature image.

Chatsworth House orangery

Usually when we take a group shot at weddings, I have to raise my voice a notch and Claire is doing a very good impression of a border collie rounding up sheep. This picture in the Chatsworth orangery took two minutes to arrange.

chatsworth wedding photography

A romantic moment under the magnificent silver birch tree in the Chatsworth grounds.

chatsworth wedding photographer

The courtyard at Chatsworth and their funky purple plastic chairs. Couldn’t resist 🙂

chatsworth wedding photography by chris hanley

People were so kind and considerate when we took some wedding pictures in the busier areas. It was the day before the annual country fair so was very busy. It was lovely for Claire and Atif to receive so may shouts of congratulations and rounds of applause.

wedding photographer great john street hotel

One of Manchester’s finest hotels

wedding photographer manchester

A beautiful Timeless Bride in beautiful light in a beautiful hotel makes for beautiful wedding pictures.

The Terrace Great John Street Hotel Manchester

Late afternoon sunshine on the roof terrace of Great John Street hotel is a great place to sip champagne in Manchester

contemporary table floristry

Claire and Atif’s wedding was full of great bespoke touches. A cardoon in bloom in a teacup.

fine dining at great john street

The wedding party enjoyed a fine dining experience

wedding photography at great john street hotel manchester

Great John Street is a fine boutique hotel and suits our signature lighting style when we shoot wedding portraits.

passion in an elevator

A tender moment in the hotel lift

wedding photography at great john street hotel manchester

A little film noir style to the after eight portraits

wedding photography at great john street hotel manchester

Great shot of the back of Claire’s Timeless Bride wedding gown

wedding photographer at great john street hotel manchester

Classic film noir and a gone with the wind pose. Love it.

 manchester wedding photographer

All the bedrooms at Great John Street are individual luxurious places. Claire looks fantastic in her wedding gown from Timeless Bride

great john street bridal suite

Cards in bed

great john street roof terrace at night

Final shot of the day, the manchester skyline looking east from the roof terrace.

From the cool Casa in Chesterfield, via picturesque Youlgrave and historical Chatsworth, to the eclectic Great John Street hotel in Manchester in a day. Feel free to leave a comment. To see all the wedding pictures of Mr & Mrs Shamas just click on the link below.

Chatsworth and Great John Street meet Claire & Atif