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Pearl, Sadie and Ruby rock the the cute factor in their autumn portraits shoot.

Autumn portraits of Sadie, Ruby & Pearl. The three girls and Mum had a fabulous autumn lifestyle shoot with us on Saturday. Dad will be in for a gorgeous surprise Christmas morning. A twelve image multi frame is going to take some christmas wrapping paper. Let us hope he also gets a drill and spirit level too. Here are a selection of some of my faves from the autumn portraits shoot.

autumn portraits

An autumn stroll. Ruby and Pearl sang to their sister Sadie…. “We are sisters, we are sisters”

child portraits manchester

Miss Ruby rocking the bobble hat look

child portrait photographer manchester

Little Pearl loved our game of Peep Po

junior magazine portraits

It was like being on the set of a Junior magazine shoot. Autumn leaves, knit wear and lots of cute factor make for this beautiful  timeless autumn portrait

children's fashion photographer manchester

Our chunky jumpers, hats and scarves autumn portraits are always popular as christmas presents

manchester fashion photographer knitwear

Miss Sadie pretty as picture

toddler knitwear photography

You can easily see this shot being taken again many times as they grow up and grow old. Cute factor 100%

mum and daughter pictures cheshire

Mum and daughter pictures are priceless. Jo and Pearl under the old chestnut tree.

mum and daughter pictures manchester

Ruby and Jo with their lovely smiles

mum and daughter pictures cheshire

Jo and Sadie in the soft autumn light

child portraits cheshire

Happy and great fun too. Autumn portraits shoot are the best of times.