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Get To Know Claire & Chris
about us cheshire wedding photographer chris hanley photography

About Chris Hanley Photography

We are Claire and Chris Hanley. Best mates for over 25 years and married for 17 of those.

We run a full time professional photography business. Chris is lucky enough to have 30yrs experience in photography. Working for a national newspaper and an international bioscience company, he has photographed most things. (some pretty gross stuff on that list too)

We are one of the UK’s leading wedding photography brands. Queensberry albums use our images for their international marketing, which makes us  industry acclaimed photographers. (must put out some bunting or whatever else happens to be trending at the moment)

Chris Hanley is widely acclaimed (never narrowly acclaimed) in the industry for his photography, its style and look. He is an innovator and pioneer of fusion wedding fashion photography (insert exaggerated woo). Claire Hanley is renowned for her dedication to her Brides.

Hey ! Bet you didn’t know we invented Cherish the Dress? A genre of high class fashion photography for brides and fashion divas 🙂

Plus, you won’t believe how popular that made us in Brazil. We kid you not. Proper Scorchio stuff.

What is our favourite kind of light ?


A question we get asked a lot.


The answer is always the same.


The light from the wine & beer fridge in the basement.

about us cheshire wedding photographer chris hanley photography

About Chris and Claire

We are parents. We have 4 children numbered No1 to No4 and 4 grandkids belonging to No1 & No2

Fit and healthy with an active lifestyle. 

Chris’ physique playfully fluctuates with the seasons and seasonings.

We have a great sense of humour.

We like lots of stuff. Currently on the list is Feeding Garden birds, Bramhall school of dance, Table tennis, Forest Holidays, companion planting, kitchen gardens, anything Italian.

Always on the list is Cooking, Wine, Manchester City and Cricket

Chris likes the phrase Doppio Machiato. He learnt it in Tuscany. 

Claire likes a Cortado. She discovered these in one of our favourite places in Spain, but that’s a secret.


Barbara “Babs” Cat
Queen of the house and commands her throne. Friendliest cat ever. 

Ruby Dog
Likes to occasionally dress up as a Ukrainian peg seller. Lives for sticks.

about us chris hanley photography

No3 Arthur, Arturo, Arth 
Inseparable from his phone. Appears when the following happens.
The wifi is turned off 

about us chris hanley photography

No4, Iris, baby topolino
Could be a professional dancer when older or change our business name to Iris Hanley Photography

about us chris hanley photography

About How We Work

Chris likes to work without a budget and as much free reign as he can get away with, Claire’s attention to detail, quest for perfection, customer service and business acumen and being female ensures Chris only thinks he’s getting away with the free reign 😉

Chris is seldom serious for more than 10 minutes and his accents change like the wind.

Chris also gets very excited when the light is just right…its a photographer thing!

about us chris hanley photography

Claire is lovely and beautiful and kind BUT talks a lot (do not encourage her). Seriously, you’ve been warned.

We are passionate and enthusiastic about what we do for the people we meet. We are constantly thinking about our clients.

OK, maybe not constantly, but quite a lot everyday.

Making pictures makes us happy.

About Our Studio

Where we are.

We are based in Broadstone Mill in South Reddish near Stockport, Cheshire. Fifteen minutes from Manchester City centre, with easy links to the railway, airport and motorways. You are most welcome to visit us there, but please contact us first as we are often editing in the home office or on location.

And Finally…

A Little Bit More About Chris and Claire